begin your journey

You can begin exploring the ways people live around the world, by navigating a category below:


This is the fun stuff – good places to hear music, watch a traditional dance, visit a street market.


Home stays, guest houses, small independent hotels, maybe even a treehouse or unusual accommodations.


Pretty self-explanatory – restaurants, street food, chefs, family kitchens, local specialities, etc.


The history, temples, ruins, archeological sites, as well as the little interesting nook down the corner.


Get to know the locals, whether it’s the neighborhood painter or a person saving lives through amazing nonprofit work.


I think one of the reasons we travel is to learn something new; it might be a local sport, cooking, dance or art form.


Awesome nonprofit initiatives and how locals, and travelers, are contributing to better the lives and community.

50 BY 50

Check out my challenge to visit all 50 US states by the time I turn 50 in September 2016.


One Comment on “begin your journey”

  1. December 31, 2011 at 4:12 pm #

    Can’t wait to go on this journey through your blog!


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