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Are We There Yet?

Travel – it’s what moves, motivates, inspires and fulfills many of us, myself included. And because I am who I am – both a travel writer AND a personal global ...

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My Year in Travel, 2013: Recap and Photo Slideshow

It’s here – my annual “Year in Travel” video. I had many travel experiences this year (which I share – the good and the bad – in this post). I ...


My Best and Worst Travel Experiences of 2013

I saw and did some amazing things this year, to be sure! And let’s face it – travel isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes you just don’t dig a place, ...



San Diego for Families

The land of sunshine — otherwise known as Southern California — is a ...
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Eco-Adventures through San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

At 500 years old, San Miguel de Allende looks really good for ...

Montréal 3 Ways: Nature Lovers, Foodies and Art Scenesters

Montréal is often said to be a little piece of Europe in ...

Latest Experiences

Finding Home: Our Soul Cultures

Originally posted on Trading Places:
Have you ever had that moment when traveling to a new and unfamiliar place—maybe you’ve already journeyed all over the world, maybe it’s one of your first experiences—but suddenly, you are somewhere you know you were just meant to be. A place that resonates deep inside you; a place where…

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How To Travel For Free – Cyber Monday!

Originally posted on How To Travel For Free (or pretty damn near it!):
Just in time for Cyber Monday! The brand new, updated 2nd edition of How To Travel For Free (or pretty damn near it!) is now also available as a softcover printed book and for Kindle which can likewise be transferred to an…

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Our new, Updated 2nd Edition coming available!

Originally posted on How To Travel For Free (or pretty damn near it!):
This morning we are excited to announce big news for How to Travel for Free (or pretty damn near it!): We have a new, expanded and updated version of our book coming out! The Updated 2nd Edition of How to Travel for…

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Facing our Fears when Traveling

Aren’t you afraid? It’s a question many of us regular world vagabonds get asked, in one way or another, on a pretty regular basis. A couple of weeks ago this hit home to me again, this fear or fascination (or both) that people have about other places in the world, when I came upon a […]

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NatureAir: Based in Costa Rica, the world’s first carbon neutral airline!

The really bad news for those of us who love to travel is what a big, bad thing that air travel does to our environment. Like cars, we aren’t going to be getting rid of it — so we have to do our best to make it more efficient, less polluting, and offset the environmental […]

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Rediscovering Eden in Panama

Panama has long been on my list of places to visit. While I have traveled to most other Central American countries, I finally made it to Panama this month, and experienced two of the most pristine, lush hideaways that make traveling here so rewarding. First, there was the Garden of Eden in Bocas del Toro […]

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These Sheep are Better Coiffed than I Am

So there I was, on a pristine Alpine mountainside in Switzerland. Having just taken a tram to the top of the Matterhorn, and descended down into a glacier via tunnels that allow you to walk through the huge ice shelf, I was now halfway back down the mountain just above Zermatt, in a little village […]

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Travel is not Utopia

Clearly, I love to travel. Exploring cultures and finding new adventures around the world — and in particular, learning the stories and lives of others — is one of my biggest passions. That being said, it doesn’t mean that travel is always fun. Or happy. That it doesn’t have its downsides. Travel is not an […]

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The Panama Canal via Eco-Tour

I arrived in Panama City from Quito, Ecuador a little over a week ago with my boyfriend. Neither of us have ever been to Panama before. One of the things we wanted to do, of course, was see the Panama Canal up close on a tour — quite the feat of engineering, especially considering that […]

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Riding the Rails in Ecuador: The Devil’s Nose

I love trains. I’ve been on several epic train journeys, and the Nariz del Diablo — or Devil’s Nose — train in Ecuador is one of those legendary rail rides. Going a distance of only 12 kilometers, the 2.5 hour round-trip journey from Alausi to Sibambe is truly spectacular. The train travels on tracks that […]

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